About Artist Christopher Wheat

artist Christopher Wheat

artist Christopher Wheat

Born and raised in Canandaigua, NY Artist Christopher Wheat started painting pictures of boats at the age of 5.  A self-taught artist whose oil paintings capture the subtle nuances that make a painting come to life for the viewer. 

Today, Christopher’s passion for painting boats and the coast are still unfolding as he has creates beautiful paintings of coasts scenes and yachts all over the world. New and old collectors are starting to understand that Christopher’s paintings are more than a beautiful paintings, his works are valued treasures as fine art investments, as his paintings steadily appreciate in value year after year.  A modern master of the subjects he captures in his one of a kind paintings.  Making owning one of his paintings something very special.

Art is my passion, I’m thankful every day for the opportunity to create beautiful paintings

Dedicated to creating beautiful fine art investment paintings, Christopher has focuses on the  New England Coast, with much of his time and effort painting Nantucket island, a place that is like a second home to him as he has been painting there for much of his adult life.  Christopher has taken the time to build his brand focusing on coastal Nantucket views, ocean homes and mega yachts portrait paintings.

His current project to paint the top Mega Yachts in the world, is a life long dream, his dedication, focus and skill are what have propelled him to be known as the best custom yacht portraits artist in the world, Christopher is capturing the beauty and elegance of these luxury super yachts and mega yachts for owners, yacht builders and collectors world wide.




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