Front Street Nantucket

Walking up Front Street Nantucket

Walking Up Front Street, Nantucket ~ 36x45 oil on canvas

Walking Up Front Street, Nantucket ~ 36×45 oil on canvas by Christopher Wheat














There is nothing more beautiful than walking up Front Street, Nantucket in the village of Sconset, when everything is in full bloom. The quant feeling of romance, with the smell of the roses and soft sea salt air is so comforting.  I have often said that this is heaven on earth to me and one of my favorite places on Nantucket Island.

This painting is one of my newest works from this summer capturing all of the beauty of Sconset in full bloom on a morning walk.  I used the shell path to lead you into the painting, as you view this painting from any angle you will feel drawn in to the painting as the path follows you and keeps you feeling like you are centered and walking down the path.  Making this painting one that will always capture the viewers attention.  The use of light shadow and atmosphere will bring you back to that special day you walked down front street time and time again.  If you would like the see other or get more information on Investment paintings of Nantucket check out the Nantucket paintings page.

If you have a favorite Nantucket View or a special Sconset cottage that you would like a Custom painting of be sure to check out my custom paintings page 


Artist Complets Painting of Mega Yacht Topaz

Painting of Mega Yacht Topaz

Mega Yacht Topaz by artist Christopher Wheat

Mega Yacht Topaz by artist Christopher Wheat

I’m very excited about this painting of Mega Yacht Topaz…  I knew that it would make a beautiful painting for my project. I Started the painting last year and worked on the fine details over the past few months, as I was allowing the early layers of the painting time to dry.  It finally all came together so smoothly and masterfully, the brush work and details are enhanced by the brilliance of light and movement that allows this Topaz to almost move beyond the edges of the canvas.

The the one thing I’m still trying to do is make contact with the ownerowner, UAE Prime Minister and owner of Manchester City FC, Sheikh Mansour to let him know about the painting and would like to show my paintings at the Dubai International Boat Show in the next few years, as I get more projects completed.  If you can help  make contact please send me a message.  View more yacht portraits.

North Wharf Nantucket

New North Wharf Nantucket Painting


Easy Street North Wharf, Nantucket ~ 18x24 oil on canvas by Christopher Wheat

Easy Street North Wharf, Nantucket ~ 18×24 oil on canvas by Christopher Wheat












I just finished this original painting today of North Wharf Nantucket island. See this and other beautiful Nantucket paintings on my originals page. It’s one of my favorite views located on Easy Street, Nantucket. A short walk from Main Street or Steamboat Wharf.  My goal in painting this was to capture the favorite view in a romantic Soft light with the soft pink clouds that you see so often on Nantucket island. I included the little red Nantucket dinghy that is a permanent  mored at the Easy Street Boat basin.  The boat houses are beautiful with the Nantucket Grey and white trim many are decorated with Nantucket Charm and have beautiful climbing roses, with blue hydrangeas and Shell driveways.  My wife and I love to take Nightly walks and often stroll by the Wharf and in the summer you may find me set up with my french easel painting along the shore of the basin painting.

This new Original painting is a 18 x24 Oil on canvas is framed in a beautiful gold leaf frame.  If you would like  more information on this painting please take the time to contact Christopher for pricing and availability.

If you love the style of this painting and have a special painting of Nantucket you have come to the right place, Christopher is known for his custom paintings of Nantucket. You can have that special painting of Nantucket Island created for you to fit the perfect space in your home, office or Yacht.  Your favorite view, personalized in a Christopher Wheat custom original painting.

Painting Mega Yacht Eclipse

Artist Makes Waves Painting Mega Yacht Eclipse


I just completed the final touches to my Mega Yacht painting of Eclipse at part of my project to paint all of the top Mega Yachts in the world.


Painting of Eclipse

Painting of Eclipse










It has taken me a full year to complete and I’m thrilled with how the project is going. I Just completed the final touches to my Mega Yacht painting of Eclipse. Now the Number two largest privately owned yacht in the world at a length of 557 feet long.  The thing that I enjoyed about painting the Yacht was even thought the yacht is large it has beautiful lines. It’s simply amazing and worthy of being captured in a fine art masterpiece.  The owners are avid art collectors and are working on building a large collection of some of the best paintings in the world.

Painting Of Mega Yacht Eclipse

Mega Yacht Eclipse by artist Christopher Wheat

Mega Yacht Eclipse by artist Christopher Wheat

I have specialized in modern classic Mega Yacht portraits for over 20 years now and thankfully over the past few years had the opportunity to really start making a name for myself.  My goal is to paint all of the top Mega Yachts in the world, see the Gallery unfold here Christopher Wheat Mega Yacht Portraits.  Christopher is working with Yacht owners and Shipbuilders around the world to capture these modern classic masterpieces.

Yacht Portrait of Moonraker


ChrisChristopher Painting Moonraker

Christopher Painting Moonraker

Over the past month I have been working on a custom yacht portrait painting of the Mega Yacht M/Y Moonraker.  The painting was created for the owner as a special gift.  Moonraker is known for her speed as she is one of the fastest Motor yacht.  Moonraker is a Performance motor yacht that is capable of  Speeds of  65 knots.   at a length of  120′ ft that is impressive.  Named after the James Bond movie, Moonraker very well could be the star of her very own movie. Beautiful, stylish and full of  luxury, perfect to travel the world in style.  This was the perfect way to end the year to my project of painting the top Mega Yachts in the world.

Yacht Portrait of Moonraker Complete

Moonraker Yacht Portrait

Moonraker Yacht Portrait Artist Christopher Wheat

Best Yacht Portraits in the World

Look for more of the best yacht portraits in the world at We are currently booking portraits and  now is the time to hold your space to have the best yacht portrait artist in the world create a special painting of your yacht. Perfect for a Yacht warming gift, launch gift, Anniversary gift or a Special birthday gift.

If you would like to find out more about the yacht here is a direct link to the Moonraker website a


Yacht painting of Mega Yacht Titania

Artist Completes Painting of Mega Yacht Titania

Mega Yacht portrait painting of Titania

Mega Yacht Portrait Titania













The newest yacht painting to come off  Artist Christopher Wheat’s the easel is this modern classic Mega Yacht portrait of  the 67,00m Titania. It is a 36×48 Oil on canvas that has captured the finest details with each brush stroke.  His masterful paintings of  the luxury class Mega Yachts are the first of  this kind as Christopher’s  portraits are held in the highest regard in the Yachting world.

If you are looking to have a custom painting , I welcome you to take a look at the gallery  portraits and request more info at the bottom of the page using the Yacht Portrait Request Form

Christopher has completed paintings of Mega Yachts all over the world, Working privately with owners, builders and brokers to create the perfect modern classic fine art  portraits that evokes the the timelessness, class and  luxury of today’s finest Mega Yachts.

The paintings will be going on tour in the next few years to some of the best Boat Shows in the world including, Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show, Palm Beach Boat Show, Monaco Yacht Show, Dubai International Boat Show.  If you are in the Yachting industry or are in the Luxury lifestyle Brands  market and would like to team up with Christopher on a Sponsorship level or with product endorsements please use the contact page.

Christopher is also giving back to a greater cause with the sale of each painting. Working with youth and young adults that have been bullied by verbal and physical abuses of domestic violence.  Help us make a difference.

Nantucket Steps Beach

Artist Paints Nantucket Steps Beach


Steps Beach Nantucket artist Christopher Wheat

Original Painting Steps Beach Nantucket















Here is my original fine art oil painting of  Nantucket Steps Beach. 18 x24 Oil on canvas.  Steps Beach is just a short walk from town and to some a very special place.  A popular location for Summer engagements and weddings, yes and afternoon book some sun and cooling off for sure.  As you get the the edge of the cliffs and look down over the steps down to the dunes that over look the jetties and the Nantucket sound you start to feel the tingle of romance that this special location has to offer. As you look at the center dunes the roses and greenery make a heart shape and the smell of the roses puts you in a trance.  If you would like to see other click here Nantucket Original paintings 

Nantucket Painting, Returning to Nantucket

Artist Paints Nantucket’s Most Loved Landmarks

Returning to Nantucket artist Christopher Wheat

“Returning to Nantucket”, Is one of the newest paintings by artist Christopher Wheat.

This view is one of my personal favorites, When you are arriving by boat after rounding Brant point this is the most welcoming view as you arrive to the docks at Straight Wharf.

Over looking Easy Street Basin and looking at the North Wharf  with the Historic Nantucket Church in the background. The setting is  just after the 4th of July with the flags flying and the roses and hydrangeas in full bloom, My favorite time of Summer on Nantucket.

Over the Next month I will be painting some of the island best landmarks and views, I’m looking to create a series of paintings that are transcending, a painting that pulls you in and brings you back to the island every time you look at it.

Those are the types of paintings that are worth investing in, they move you, the bring back the feelings of joy, romance and special memories that can be shared by you alone or with your family and those that know and love Nantucket island.

I’m thankful I have had the opportunity to spend as much time on the island that I have, When I’m not in NY or Traveling to do custom paintings, Nantucket in the summer is the one place that makes my heart feel content.  If you have a favorite view of Nantucket that you would like in a painting check out the custom paintings page.

Here are some of Christopher’s other available Nantucket Paintings

Stay tuned for more fine art paintings of Nantucket including scenes of  Sconset, Madeket, Brant Point, Great Point, Nantucket harbor, Sankaty light, Nantucket main street, Boat Basin, North Wharf,  Steps Beach, Madaket Harbor, Yacht Club

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Modern Classic Paintings of the Top Mega Yachts in the World

Mega Yacht Custom Painting of Aviva artist Christopher Wheat

Mega Yacht Custom Painting of Aviva artist Christopher Wheat














This project is so important,  I have been painting portraits of boats all my life, this is what comes natural to me.  Several years ago I embarked on this project and now people are taking notice all over the world.  I get daily inquiries for this service and I’m so thankful.  I have to say it hasn’t come with out hard work , vision and commitment.  Each painting takes several months to complete and in some cases up to a sold year to create these modern classic yacht portraits. The Finest quality fine art oil paintings done, with attention and detail, the brush work is meticulous and handled with perfect execution form over 25 years of experience.   These paintings are the best yacht portraits in the world and these Mega Yachts and Super Yachts are owned by some of the wealthiest people in the world, and I’m happy to be creating the best  luxury fine art investment paintings.   If you know of a luxury yacht owner please take the time to share this with them.  I’m work directly with mega yacht owners, charter companies and yacht builders all over the world and have recently been contacting owners in Russia, Dubai, Monaco, England, Germany and the Grand Cayman Islands. When only the best custom painting will do, be sure your are choosing the right artist Christopher Wheat.  If you have an interest in booking a space for your yacht portrait fill out the contact form and I will follow up with you.

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Nantucket Painting of Brant Point, artist Christopher Wheat

Glorious Day Nantucket 4th of July artist Christopher Wheat

Original Oil painting of Brant Point Nantucket















I want to start this blog showing you one of my newest paintings, Titled: Glorious Day Nantucket, Brant Point 36×48 inches. This painting is an original oil painting from a series of paintings that I’m currently working on, capturing the most popular views of Nantucket island that keep us coming back year after year. Summer on Nantucket is special and there is nothing like seeing old glory draped across Brant Point especially in early July when Summer season is just getting started on Island. I’m happy to have capture this painting that is brings out the feeling of the soft sea air and the beautiful colors of a Glorious Day on Nantucket.

For more information on this original fine art investment painting of Nantucket, please view the originals gallery of paintings and use the contact form and I will follow up to answer your questions. If you are looking for that special Nantucket painting I also specialize in the best custom paintings of Nantucket, The perfect way to get your favorite Nantucket view in a painting that fits your needs. Here is how I can help with your Nantucket custom painting.

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