Nantucket Cranberry Harvest

Nantucket Cranberry Harvest

Nantucket Cranberry Harvest by Christopher Wheat
Nantucket Cranberry Harvest by Christopher Wheat

Artist Christopher Wheat releases a special print for the season, On Nantucket this time of year is all about the Cranberries.

“I really was drawn in by the color contrast, between the cranberries and the beautiful reflection of the sky blue reflection on the flooded bogs.” states, Christpher

New Release: “Nantucket Cranberry Harvest” Limited Edition, Order today!

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The Fairport Lift Bridge

Artist release limited edition print of last painting of “The Fairport Lift Bridge”

The “Fairport Lift Bridge”

The Fairport Lift Bridge by Christopher Wheat

This is a very rare opportunity, for the first time in almost 20 years, I’m happy to finally release this painting as a Special Limited Edition Print for collecting. This piece is so special to me, as I found myself creating a work that was truly part of who I am as an artist.

I have worked on the original painting since mid Summer, my painting started as a work that I was creating on location, Fairport Ny along the Erie Canal, countless hours and evenings along the canal in the Fairport Village and have recently completed the painting in the studio. I love capturing timeless pieces that hold the viewers attention and allow them to feel for themselves what that painting or view means to them. My goal was to capture the atmosphere surrounding a mid Summer day. you can almost feel the warmth of the sun. I’m honored and excited to offer this piece for a limited time as a Limited edition Print for collecting. The bridge is currently being dismantled for repairs and reconstruction for 2020.

Order your print today! or send one to a friend that loves Fairport.

Introductory pricing ends January 30th

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A Holiday Gift they will Love

New Print release Let It Snow, Canandaigua Lake

Let is Snow, Is the new Holiday print by local artist Christopher Wheat.

A Holiday gift they will love… Titled: “Let It Snow” Canandaigua Lake, The print is a fun holiday themed 9×13 paper print featuring Canandaigua Lake Boathouse, Squaw Island with the first falling snow of the holiday season and a Christmas tree in a red row boat. All prints come signed and numbered. Get one for yourself and give as a gift. Available just for the Holidays! And they’re selling fast, place your order here.

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The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas – Christmas Ornament

The Night Before Christmas - Christmas Ornament by Christopher Wheat

Children playing in the park building a snowman on the night before Christmas, The Historic gazebo with the official Canandaigua Christmas tree. A beautiful sight and reminder of fond memories of growing up in Canandaigua. Share the love of the Holidays and home with this keepsake Christmas Ornament. Get this special ornament today!

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Santa’s House Canandaigua Christmas Ornament

Santa's House by Christopher Wheat
Santa’s House by Christopher Wheat

Very excited about this New Christmas Ornament release my “Santa’s House” Canandaigua as a NEW porcelain Christmas Ornament, Along with a 9.5×13.5 limited edition print just for the holidays. Only available online, Order yours today! Click on drop down menu to see order options.

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Pre Release The Barn on Bopple Hill

New Pre-Release
“The Barn on Bopple Hill” Canandaigua Lake by Christopher Wheat

Get your Special pre-release today! “The Barn

This is my new limited edition print release “The Barn on Bopple Hill” an amazing view of Canandaigua Lake in the most beautiful Autumn dispaly of colors, this is something special and I’m so excited share this print release with you. I’m exited because, it marks a new level of execution in paintings that it transforming my latest work into some of my most noteworthy paintings of my career. Do you know someone that loves Canandaigua Lake, Maybe its you! Here’s the perfect opportunity to get one for your collection or give one as a special gift.

This special offer ends October 20th 2019. After this date the prints will be at regular price.

Get the size selection you want at the best value, before it’s offered to the public on October 22 launch date. Prints will arrive on the 22nd and shipped to Pre-order customers on October 30th.

This Limited edition is offered in 2 Paper sizes and a Special Canvas print option that has the look of an original oil painting. Each print is in Full of color, and hand signed and numbered, each print has a special certificate of authenticity. to cart) button, you will be taken to the secure order form. Simply place your order today to save!

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Tulips on Canandaigua Lake

Tulips on Canandaigua Lake

Special Spring Pricing This Week Only!

Tulips on Canandaigua Lake By Christopher Wheat

A beautiful Spring view overlooking the Tulips on Canandaigua Lake with

Bare Hill and lone sailboat enjoying the soft breeze of the perfect spring day.

Tulips On Canandaigua Lake by Christopher Wheat

Tulips On Canandaigua Lake by Christopher Wheat

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The Little Red Boat, Nantucket

New Print Release:

“The Little Red Boat” Nantucket

The Little Red Boat, Nantucket by artist Christopher Wheat

The Little Red Boat, Nantucket by artist Christopher Wheat

Nantucket wouldn’t be the same without The Little Red Boat, Nantucket,  It’s touched

all that have spent little time or a lifetime on this island in some way.   I’m very

excited to release this Nantucket treasure as a limited edition…  Join us today, Nantucket Print Gallery

Madaket Yellow Lab at Low Tide

New Release

Madaket Yellow Lab at Low Tide Nantucket

Madaket Yellow Lab at Low Tide, Nantucket by Christopher Wheat

Madaket Yellow Lab at Low Tide, Nantucket by Christopher Wheat













This is a painting of a Yellow Labrador Retriever playing and frolicking along the Madaket

Harbor shore at Low tide, While I was painting the the Catboat a young Yellow Lab came

trotting down the shoreline and was a pleasant reminder of my yellow lab that had passed

away in the spring.   So, I decided to add him to my painting, another perfect day and a

great new Nantucket painting and print, I’m happy to share with you. See other great Nantucket

Prints at Nantucket Prints


Nantucket Reds Brant Point

Nantucket Reds Brant Point

Nantucket Reds Brant Point Canvas Print Artist Christopher Wheat

Nantucket Reds Brant Point Canvas Print Artist Christopher Wheat













I’m very excited to release this painting as a limited edition canvas print.  Titled: Nantucket Reds Brant Point,  This is a limited edition print with only 100 signed and numbered canvas prints in the edition.  Brant Point is one of my favorite places to set up and paint on location as I love to see the boats and ferries leaving and entering Nantucket Harbor. This is a great painting that captures the many shades of Nantucket Reds from the faded Sail, the roof of Brant Point Light house and all the Roses on the Nantucket Dunes.  Get one for yourself or give as a gift.



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