Artist Raising Funds to Cover Costs of Dogs Surgery

Artist Raising Funds to Cover Costs of Dogs Surgery #helptimber

Artist looking for Help to raise funds for Timber’s Surgery and Treatment with a special event May 18- 31, 2017


Timber at Cornell for treatment

Timber update: At our most recent visit to Cornell we received unfavorable news, the tumor in Timbers mouth started to grow back after a first surgery of removal and months of a new therapy to try and revers the cancer cell growth. In essence we are back at square one. We are looking at the option of surgery again along with the approach of other holistic therapy options as Timber seems to be healthy on all other accounts.

I’m offering this print “Perfect Day” to raise funds for Timber’s Surgery and Treatment.  I’m going to need you help!  Please share this post on social media. #helptimber this event is May18-31, 2017.

More about Timber my Chocolate Labrador retriever… for years Timber accompanied me to Christopher’s gallery and studio in Canandaigua and greeted customers.  Christopher and Timber spend more time on Nantucket these days. Timber loves to play in the sand and swim in the harbor… At 11 years old he was recently diagnosed with Melanoma, we are looking to raise funds to help with surgery costs and additional treatments.  I’m offering an amazing sale price on the Perfect Day Print to help raise funds to cover these unexpected and expensive costs.   Please consider a print to help us along the way to #helptimber  May 18-31 Every sale counts, Get one or few and pass this along with a Share to your Facebook friends and family. See our featured print below, Thank you for your help, Christopher

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Perfect Day, Lab waiting at end of Dock

Perfect Day, Canandaigua Lake by artist Christopher Wheat

Perfect Day  by artist Christopher Wheat














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