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Artist focusing on custom Nantucket paintings.

We all have a favorite location on Island and sometimes it’s worth having that special place captured in a fine art  painting. Christopher’s Custom Nantucket Paintings are the perfect way for you and your family to cherish your special place lifetime and hand down generation after generation.   I have specialized in custom paintings of Family homes, Cottages & Custom views for over 25 years now on Nantucket.   I will work with you to get the details and then create that special painting in my classic style.

  • Nantucket Home Portraits
  • Custom views from your property
  • Your favorite view of a Nantucket Landmark, Beach or Street view.
  • Custom Yacht Portraits

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This year I’m looking to grow my custom portrait business on Nantucket and I’m looking to book my schedule full for the season.  If you would like a custom Nantucket painting for you home, office or yacht.  I look forward to creating the perfect painting for you and your family for years to come.

Custom Nantucket paintings are perfect for the New Nantucket Home or the perfect addition to the recent home remodel project. Also if you are planning for a special gift for a wedding, anniversary or birthday I can also offer you a gift certificate. If my schedule is full for that particular month.  After you have presented your gift, we can set aside a time in my schedule for your painting.

There is limited space, Please take the time to set up an appointment to go over the details of your project and reserve your space.


Front Street Nantucket

Walking up Front Street Nantucket

Walking Up Front Street, Nantucket ~ 36x45 oil on canvas

Walking Up Front Street, Nantucket ~ 36×45 oil on canvas by Christopher Wheat














There is nothing more beautiful than walking up Front Street, Nantucket in the village of Sconset, when everything is in full bloom. The quant feeling of romance, with the smell of the roses and soft sea salt air is so comforting.  I have often said that this is heaven on earth to me and one of my favorite places on Nantucket Island.

This painting is one of my newest works from this summer capturing all of the beauty of Sconset in full bloom on a morning walk.  I used the shell path to lead you into the painting, as you view this painting from any angle you will feel drawn in to the painting as the path follows you and keeps you feeling like you are centered and walking down the path.  Making this painting one that will always capture the viewers attention.  The use of light shadow and atmosphere will bring you back to that special day you walked down front street time and time again.  If you would like the see other or get more information on Investment paintings of Nantucket check out the Nantucket paintings page.

If you have a favorite Nantucket View or a special Sconset cottage that you would like a Custom painting of be sure to check out my custom paintings page 


Artist Complets Painting of Mega Yacht Topaz

Painting of Mega Yacht Topaz

Mega Yacht Topaz by artist Christopher Wheat

Mega Yacht Topaz by artist Christopher Wheat

I’m very excited about this painting of Mega Yacht Topaz…  I knew that it would make a beautiful painting for my project. I Started the painting last year and worked on the fine details over the past few months, as I was allowing the early layers of the painting time to dry.  It finally all came together so smoothly and masterfully, the brush work and details are enhanced by the brilliance of light and movement that allows this Topaz to almost move beyond the edges of the canvas.

The the one thing I’m still trying to do is make contact with the ownerowner, UAE Prime Minister and owner of Manchester City FC, Sheikh Mansour to let him know about the painting and would like to show my paintings at the Dubai International Boat Show in the next few years, as I get more projects completed.  If you can help  make contact please send me a message.  View more yacht portraits.

North Wharf Nantucket

New North Wharf Nantucket Painting


Easy Street North Wharf, Nantucket ~ 18x24 oil on canvas by Christopher Wheat

Easy Street North Wharf, Nantucket ~ 18×24 oil on canvas by Christopher Wheat












I just finished this original painting today of North Wharf Nantucket island. See this and other beautiful Nantucket paintings on my originals page. It’s one of my favorite views located on Easy Street, Nantucket. A short walk from Main Street or Steamboat Wharf.  My goal in painting this was to capture the favorite view in a romantic Soft light with the soft pink clouds that you see so often on Nantucket island. I included the little red Nantucket dinghy that is a permanent  mored at the Easy Street Boat basin.  The boat houses are beautiful with the Nantucket Grey and white trim many are decorated with Nantucket Charm and have beautiful climbing roses, with blue hydrangeas and Shell driveways.  My wife and I love to take Nightly walks and often stroll by the Wharf and in the summer you may find me set up with my french easel painting along the shore of the basin painting.

This new Original painting is a 18 x24 Oil on canvas is framed in a beautiful gold leaf frame.  If you would like  more information on this painting please take the time to contact Christopher for pricing and availability.

If you love the style of this painting and have a special painting of Nantucket you have come to the right place, Christopher is known for his custom paintings of Nantucket. You can have that special painting of Nantucket Island created for you to fit the perfect space in your home, office or Yacht.  Your favorite view, personalized in a Christopher Wheat custom original painting.

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