Nantucket Steps Beach

Artist Paints Nantucket Steps Beach


Steps Beach Nantucket artist Christopher Wheat

Original Painting Steps Beach Nantucket















Here is my original fine art oil painting of  Nantucket Steps Beach. 18 x24 Oil on canvas.  Steps Beach is just a short walk from town and to some a very special place.  A popular location for Summer engagements and weddings, yes and afternoon book some sun and cooling off for sure.  As you get the the edge of the cliffs and look down over the steps down to the dunes that over look the jetties and the Nantucket sound you start to feel the tingle of romance that this special location has to offer. As you look at the center dunes the roses and greenery make a heart shape and the smell of the roses puts you in a trance.  If you would like to see other click here Nantucket Original paintings 

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