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 There is no question when it comes to quality Fine art investment Nantucket paintings artist Christopher Wheat is an artist that is held in high regard. 



 While summering on Nantucket island artist, Christopher Wheat captures some of the best scenes in his original Nantucket paintings of the island.  His attention to the subtle changes in light on the landscape and pressing shadows push his paintings to a level of execution that is hard to find in the art world today, making owning one of his paintings something very special.  His Nantucket paintings of Nantucket harbor and Brant Point lighthouse are simply captivating works of art. His scenes of the cobblestone streets in the center of town to the rose cottages in Sconset, are just some of the treasures you will find among his new paintings.

Here you will discover the beauty and elegance of Christopher’s paintings and see how they come to life.  Nantucket art collectors are just starting to learn of one of Nantucket islands best kept secrets.  Christopher is leading the way with his custom paintings, offering custom ocean home portraits, cottage portraits,, lake views, custom yacht portraits, custom views of your favorite views of Nantucket Island, Currently taking reservations for this years portraits. If you have an idea for a special custom painting Christopher is available for custom portrait projects nationally.

Discover for yourself the why your next painting should be a work of art by artist Christopher Wheat.

 The joy I bring to the easel with me each day is hard to contain as I work on a painting, there is something to be said for following your passion, you can live in someone else world or follow what is in your heart and be who you always dreamed of becoming. 





I have found that this is really what makes my paintings come to life.  I truly enjoy creating beautiful paintings of the places I have a relationship with.  My more recent paintings of Nantucket and Cape Cod are on the originals page and more are coming soon, as I am spending more time on Nantucket painting this Summer thanks to my friends at Century House.  I look forward to bringing you the best fine art investment paintings.  Check out the blog for the newest updated, artist thoughts and news events.  I look forward to connecting with you on Facebook and Twitter ~ Artist Christopher Wheat 

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